Dusted DNA


Our proprietary blend of terpenes is extracted using the absolute best processes that the industry has to offer. By consciously and carefully sourcing these ingredients, our blend contains more beneficial elements and a more vibrant, aromatic profile. 

This elevating, healing product is offered at an accessible price point so that a broad audience can enjoy and benefit from it. Even if they’re not consciously ready to bring “healing” into their daily routine, they will gain access to this restorative tool.

The product itself connects with your natural vibrations, helping you access your true identity. It was created through Victorine’s eagerness to contribute to the world, unwavering willpower throughout the process, and immense gratitude for being alive.


Terpenes are aromatic compounds which create the characteristic scent of many plants. The terpenes we use have a soothing property - relaxing the mind and body.

Adjusting the source, type, and blend of terpenes can alter its effects. Depending on the compound, a terpene can induce relaxation and stress-relief or focus and acuity.

We’ve spent years perfecting our terpene blend to ensure you have the most effective product. Once you use it, you’ll know we’re talking about.

We work with brands to produce specific products in the terpene space through our experience and knowledge. To find out how to license this information, please email us.