The Dusted Way - old version

We believe that you should feel as good as you smell.

Fragrance with a Conscience.

While other essential oils, such as those of lemon or lavender, only have a few terpenes, the cannabis plant has over 200 terpenes. Victorine’s proprietary blend of terpenes includes the absolute best plant extracts that the industry has to offer -  meaning it has even more beneficial elements and a more vibrant aromatic profile. Victorine sources her product from all over the world, connecting with the best artisanal distillers and medicine people to create the most high quality product possible. She used her nose and intuition to discover what was most aromatically pleasing and therapeutic beneficial. According to ancient wisdom, these formulas have the power to elevate mood, balance hormones, regulate inflammation, and more. Her goal is to create a blend that is opening for both the heart and mind. After Victorine created I Am Dusted, and received overwhelming positive reviews, she knew she wanted to democratize it. Now, this elevating, healing product could be offered at an accessible price point and allow a wider audience to enjoy it and benefit from it. Even if they’re not consciously ready to bring “healing” into their daily routine, they will gain access to this restorative tool.

Our products are created with:

  • 100% pure essential oils sourced in-house
  • Cannabis Flower terpenes - contains no psychoactive THC
  • Completely non-toxic ingredients

Our products:

Sustainable           Ethical           Organic           Fair trade           Cruelty free
Intentional          Free of parabens, phthalates, and unnecessary stabilizers

    Our process supports Global Farming & Local Economies