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victorine deych 1 hotel
I believe that everything should be an experience including shopping. This means that I take the interaction with customers to a deeper level. They really get to engage and make discoveries of all things lifestyle with a very deep regard for authenticity. Creating my own unique shopping experience in the most expected and un-expected locations is my way of opening my home to many different communities. Event programming that is offered is a major component of promoting this experience, and since what I call a 360-holistic luxury lifestyle is a core element of this experience it was natural for me to collaborate with my dear friend Natalie Uhling. Natalie Uhling came into my life at a time when I was going through some powerful physical, health and emotional changes. In my ‘movie’ she is the best on the planet for all things fitness and motivation. We simply speak the same language and are driven by the same holistic principles. Fast forward a number of years and a few laughter filled chats we decided to merge all the things we love in the form of fitness, live music, and a overall sensory experience by branding sweat X sounds X senses. We are real and relatable women seeking the most progressive approaches to a life well lived, and using these techniques for healing our community through celebration. This experience will be popping up during and not limited to major philanthropic, cultural, and sports events.