The Creator

Victorine Deych has always felt a deep connection to her senses. Born and raised in New York City, Victorine naturally gravitates towards free-spirited and experiential creation.

After meeting with various fragrance makers throughout her career, Victorine quickly became disillusioned by all the synthetics, chemicals, and artificial ingredients packed into popular fragrances. Frustrated by the lack of natural options in the fragrance industry, Victorine’s senses perked up at the sight of hashish oils. The use of non-psychoactive components in plants known for illicit use piqued her interest, and at this moment of hope, she decided to create a healthy, restorative product that elevated people’s auras without synthetic ingredients.

Victorine spent a few years researching plant molecules, understanding the science of aromas, learning from ancient medicine people, and traveling the world. After absorbing all the knowledge she could about plants, including the cannabis and hemp plants, and their various healing properties, she understood she needed to utilize terpenes - the molecule that gives plants their aroma, as well as a myriad of potent health benefits. Thus, Dusted was born.

Always pushing the boundaries, Victorine went beyond the trendy wellness kicks to create a formula that is truly revolutionary.

A woman with pale skin and dark brown hair smiles at the camera. She sits among rocks and agave plants with her hand in her hair.