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About Victorine Deych

"I felt the need to create something that is not only highly aromatic, sensuous and fun, but that can simultaneously have healing properties and really elevate our lives, as well as the lives of the people that are out there planting, and harvesting and distilling. It all comes back to Mother Nature."

Victorine Deych is a leading New York City-based scent maker, muse and curator of wellbeing, beauty and lifestyle experiences.

With a passion for mental and physical vitality through scent, Victorine is exploring the outer boundaries of being by fusing scent within the health, luxury and entertainment realms. She believes that somewhere between extremes of our being - between our dark and light sides - we find balance, the epicenter of who we are, our individuality. From this duality, she created Victorine, a collection of unique, wild-crafted, organic, and ethically sourced scents.

Holding certifications in botanical perfumery and holistic nutrition, Victorine, combines her sense of adventure and expertise in products and experiences that engage the senses. With an insatiable thirst for impactful endeavors and products, her brand was launched to critical acclaim.